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Pipeline is drive up and provides immediate access. Outward Bound--maybe but it depends on your placement. Good luck! It captures the imagination. It captured mine and still does. Leadville has made me feel like I have wings, and other times it's crushed me. You have to bring your best to Leadville--it deserves no less. In times like these, people are looking for fulfillment and meaning.

They feel pulled to a place like Leadville. Only Leadville is more than a place. It's a state of mind. It's an experience. It changes you. You've come to the right place. Let me tell you about my own experience with "The Race Across the Sky. If you're an LT veteran, please let me know if I've missed anything or if there are any inaccuracies in my overview. Wessie Fest. Westerville, Ohio What: This is an outdoor event, so we'll have a tent, info table, and foster rabbit Volunteers are asked to bring their own chairs. This is a very family-friendly event: lots of kids, and lots of fun!

Other groups include wildlife education and awareness groups, environmental groups, etc. There will be a Pet Parade through the area at PM.

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Happy Independence Day!! I hope everyone's holiday weekend started with a "bang! This is an outdoor event, so we'll have a tent, info table, and foster rabbit. Volunteers will provide transportation of supplies and foster rabbit, set up and tear down. Julie said they spoke to a few families who already had rabbits and were looking for information on housing, care, and vet recommendations.

If you adopted your bun from CHRS, please bring photos and stories of his or her life with you when you attend our Spring picnic! Cleveland Avenue Westerville, Ohio Earlier today, foster buns Scarlet, Charlene, and Amber charmed the children of CenterPointe Church with their sweet faces, funny antics and soft, silky fur. The festivities were moved indoors due to the wet ground and threat of more rain, but that didn't dampen the fun!

The kids got to hunt for Easter eggs and candy around the church and play in a "bounce house. We also passed out info to the parents on living with a rabbit, and many of them commented on our "Reindeer" poster! It really hit home with them! Our girls did very well with all the activity and excitement, but I'm guessing they spent the rest of the day sacked out, glad to be back home!

The timing was perfect, too, because this morning was orientation for new shelter volunteers and then in the afternoon, the shelter hosted about 60 Girl Scouts 4 to 5 Troops working on their animal care badges. The girls spend time learning about caring for animals, how the shelter works, and then making toys and treats for the animals. They are accompanied by their moms and troop leaders, and sometimes their whole families. It all added up to a lot of foot traffic coming past our tables! Our volunteers took time with each group of Girl Scouts to talk about the challenges of living with a house rabbit, explain the goals of the "Make Mine Chocolate!

We had lots of winners for our fabulous raffle prizes, gave away lots of info on living with a rabbit, enjoyed sweet baked goodies thanks to our friends from Job's Daughters, and will be featured on the 10tv news at pm tonight! The Easter season is upon us, which means our "Make Mine Chocolate! If you are not familiar with our annual campaign, please take a minute to visit our website at www. We've got a couple of events planned this year to get the word out that rabbits should not be given as Easter gifts.

The event will include raffle prizes and a bake sale. CHRS member Linda Davies has again offered to provide tables full of delicious baked treats prepared by her girls' service group Job's Daughters. Proceeds from this event will go to support the rabbits at the Capital Area Humane Society.

Volunteers to attend the day of the event to help staff information table, assist with adoptable CAHS rabbits, assist with raffle sales and drawing, assist with bake sale. This year, they are having the Easter Bunny pass out candy to children and have invited us to have an information table and feature an adoptable bunny.

They understand we will not be adopting out any rabbits that day and that our focus would be educating people on proper rabbit care. The event takes place indoors with space for our table and a 4x4 pen. Needed: Volunteers to attend the event from set up through tear down, including transportation of the foster bun. This marks the 10th year that we have had a booth at the conference. Did I just write that? Yes, indeed. Sadly, I don't think we took any photos of that very first booth. We were up against a back wall, tucked in among tech schools and other oddball groups. We fit right in - our materials were mostly hand made of poster board and glue.

The booth to our immediate left was occupied by two men, one older and one younger, who were featuring a device for use in euthanization at shelters depressing, right? They asked what kind of group we represented, and when we explained, they snickered. Over the course of the convention, the men watched as one by one, our fellow back-wall occupants came forward with comments from "I have a friend who has a rabbit! They sure are fascinating animals. The Exhibit Hall was open from Thursday through Sunday that year.

By Saturday, the men admitted they were surprised at how much attention and traffic had come to our little homespun booth. By that evening, they concluded that the conference had not been successful at all for them, and they packed up their device and called it quits. To my knowledge, they have not been back. On the other hand, our booth has grown by leaps and bounds through the years. Our presentation has become a little more polished. We now have several volunteers who rotate through on shifts, so no one has to endure long days, tired feet and an aching back.

We've passed out a ton of articles and literature, we've shown videos, and we've sold everything from books, CDs and DVDs to hay and rabbit toys to Make Mine Chocolate! My favorite memory is of the second or third year, right at the opening bell, a vet marched across the concrete floor shouting "THERE you are! I have been looking for your booth! With the help of an outgoing foster bun each year, we are always one of the most popular booths at the conference. We still get the occasional naysayer or skeptic, and we will always get those to whom rabbits are more livestock than pets. But overall, we have become a fixture and the go-to resource for rabbit care information.

Our Rabbit Care and Behavior booklet is sought out by vets, vet techs, office managers and students for the solid advice is provides on the basics of living with a house rabbit. We are proud to again be a part of the Midwest Vet Conference. And we are looking forward to being part of it for another 10 years. The event starts at 9am and they want tables set up by , so we'll need to be at the clinic by 8am. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested and the shift for which you are available or all day, if you'd like. This is an outside event, so we'll have a tent, info table, and foster rabbit volunteers are asked to bring their own chairs.

The Clinic will have a cook-out, raffle prizes, and games. This is an outdoor event, so we'll have a tent, info table, and foster rabbit volunteers are asked to bring their own chairs. It's a very "hands-on" event! If you are interested in helping out at either event, please contact Terri Cook at terri columbusrabbit.

In addition to dog and cat art from local artists, the gallery will be hosting a pet adoption weekend. Cat Welfare, Pets without Parents and the House Rabbit Society will be there to answer questions and perhaps help you find a furry friend. High St. Posted by Sue at PM. UCP of Central Ohio is an agency that provides programs and services for people with disabilities and aging conditions. Heather works at UCP of Central Ohio and makes every effort to spread the word about the joys of living with rabbits.

Daphne, a big black New Zealand bun, helped John and Heather show the group how much fun house rabbits can be. Before the presentation started, Daphne got some nose pets and then settled down with a dramatic bunny flop! During the presentation, she was happy to munch on some greens and hay to emphasize the proper diet for a rabbit. The group was most interested in learning about bunny proofing methods to protect rabbits from chewing dangerous cords.

Heather explained that bunny proofing items can easily be purchased at the local hardware store. Of course the highlight of the day was getting the opportunity to pet Daphne. She was definitely soaking up the attention. CHRS would like to thank UCP of Central Ohio for inviting us to talk with the participants and staff about the responsibilities of having a house rabbit. Equally amazing, all five members completed the 5K walk under their own power. Team Rabbit will reconvene for the Susan G.

Komen Race for the Cure next May.

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Please consider joining us! After the disappointing cancellation of our grill fundraiser with Whole Foods this past summer, they decided to find another way to help us. For this quarter, October - January, we are one of the two non-profits selected to be featured for their Nickels for Non-Profits Program. The Nickels for Non-Profits program raises money by giving customers 5 cents in the form of a wooden nickel for each grocery bag they bring to the store and use for their groceries. You, the customer, can then put the wooden nickels in the box at the end of the grocery lanes near the door.

You will see a brief description of us and the other non-profit by the boxes. If you shop at Whole Foods, please take your bags and ask for wooden nickels.

Black Pistol Fire - Run Rabbit Run (Live on KEXP)

Hopefully we can make a good showing against the other group, Hand Me Down Dobes. Thanks for supporting CHRS! So far, Sue - our Survivor - and Julie and Laine have said they will walk with me. I believe you will have to visit my Team page and join. I know there are a lot of breast cancer events out there, but Making Strides speaks to me because funds raised enable the American Cancer Society to help people stay well and get well from breast cancer, find cures, and empower people to fight back today.

With your help, we can save lives. If you'd like to join me at Making Strides, please visit my personal page. If you won't be in town, I hope you'll still support my efforts by making a donation of any amount you can spare. As a little extra inspiration, I thought you might like to know a few of the ways the funds raised through Making Strides will help the American Cancer Society save lives every day. The American Cancer Society has played a role in nearly every major breast cancer breakthrough of the last century, which have led to the discovery of lifesaving breast cancer treatments like Tamoxifen and Herceptin.

You will help us find more. Each of us has our own reasons for caring about the fight against breast cancer I'm so grateful to have great people like you in my life who care about helping fight breast cancer! Click here to visit my personal page. Click here to view the team page for Team Rabbit. Click here to view the company page for Columbus House Rabbit Society. Posted by Sue at AM. We'll have a great day of fun and food! Their outdoor grill will be selling hot dogs, artichoke veggie burgers, and a third choice from their organic meat department - sausage, burgers, brats, etc.

And a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our chapter. This is one-stop shopping at its best: have lunch, do some grocery shopping, and support the Columbus House Rabbit Society in one visit! Print out the flyer to hang up or hand out to let people know about this event!

Encourage your friends and family to join us for lunch and support our chapter! The day of the event, CHRS will have an information table near the grill. We will need a few volunteers to pass out information about CHRS. Please contact me at terri columbusrabbit. Festivities start at 9am and go all day! I know you have them. In January of this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery, followed by 32 radiation treatments. Thankfully, I completed radiation therapy on May 6. This was a momentous occasion for me for another reason. Since the early days of our chapter, I have always been a behind-the-scenes kinda girl.

I write, I support websites. I have even been known to show up at an occasional CHRS social event. But I've never represented the chapter at a public event - until this past Saturday. How did it go? Frankly, I had a blast. Granted, there's far worse places to spend one's time than the zoo. Laine and Megan are fine company.

And we were surrounded by the most precious dogs, all of whom were looking for their forever homes. I was also impressed by how many rescue group volunteers there were. It's reassuring that we're not the only ones crazy enough to spend our Saturdays trying to find homes for our beloved critters.

The weather was expected to be horrible but, contrary to what I've come to expect with CHRS events, we had a lovely day. Unfortunately, the crowds were small and few people showed much interest in adopting. But Gracie the rabbit was a smash, with lots of oohs and ahhs over how big she is. And it was another small step towards educating people that rabbits are pets, not livestock. And to those of you who are considering volunteering for events like this one - DO IT! I'll bet you have as much fun as I did.

Columbus HRS will host an information table at this year's Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event, to be held on Saturday, May 16th the event will continue on May 17th, but we will not attend that day due to our chapter picnic. Set up begins at am and the event runs from am - pm. New volunteers will be paired with experienced educators. We will be talking with the public about living with a house rabbit and passing out information. Weather permitting, will have a foster rabbit with us to demonstrate how we set up a pen, litterbox, toys, etc.

If you are interested in helping out for one of these shifts, please contact Terri Cook at terri columbusrabbit. The show runs from - so not sure exactly when she will be on. Heather will be talking about the Make Mine Chocolate! Break a leg Heather! This program focuses on pets available for adoption in shelters and humane societies in our area. On Demand means you can watch the show whenever you wish.

Because of the snow and ice, our expectations weren't very high as we set up for the CHRS holiday party on Saturday afternoon, December 6. Imagine our pleasant surprise when nearly 30 members arrived, albeit a little late, bringing holiday goodies and cheer. Partygoers even joked that it wouldn't be a typical CHRS event without nasty weather of one kind or another! Heather and Jarod Whitaker should have won an award for traveling the farthest - they came all the way from Dayton to attend! Once safely inside, spiced cider and hot chocolate got everyone warmed up, and we all enjoyed sandwiches, homemade side dishes and, of course, all those holiday cookies and treats!

Christmas music filled the air as we enjoyed a slideshow with all of our favorite bunnies and a few other critters , past and present. Heather Whitaker also announced the formation of her new cottage industry - all natural bunny toys!! Made of wood and natural juice flavors, these crafty toys will keep buns safely entertained. Everyone who attended got to take home a bag of samples for their buns to enjoy!

The real highlight of the evening was the White Elephant exchange! Kim Banks' clever story about Karalee and Chuck's ill-fated tropical vacation brought peals of laughter and left everyone with an interesting gift. Things got more lively, however, during the second round, which involved gift stealing, secret alliances and conspiracies. The most coveted gift was a rabbit-shaped casserole dish, initially opened by Terri, stolen repeatedly, returned to Terri and stolen again!

In the end, John Dean was kind enough to return the treasure to a very grateful Terri - though terms of repayment are still pending! Afterward, Kim collected any unwanted gifts to donate to Goodwill. But with plenty of treats and goodies left to share, no one departed empty-handed! Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year, even though the reminders have been there for weeks. Walking home from work last Friday through a light dusting of snow. The annual invitation to join my neighbors for turkey. But the sagging economy and, just last night, the carnage in India have dampened my mood this year.

Fortunately, Shelby came through and gave me a wonderful Thanksgiving gift. Although stiff with age and chronic bladder issues, she greeted me this morning by making several circuits around the bird room, then eating her morning pellets with great gusto. What a champ she is! As I write this, Kramer is sunning himself by the living room window, no doubt waiting for his lady friend Molly to join him. The birds are chattering happily, bellies full from vegies and pellets. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and a recent email from Terri couldn't have made that fact any clearer.

She and Jeremy are in Galveston this Thanksgiving. Jeremy has a three-month assignment there helping to get Galveston back on its feet after being devastated by Hurricane Ike. She wrote:. The hotel sits right off the freeway surrounded by houses that are all destroyed, either knocked down by the hurricane or now demolished. The hotel is still fixing the rooms on the first floor, but upper floors are fine. I believe it was still under construction when the hurricane hit. The devastation is just amazing. There are one or two small places that are reopened already but the vast majority are still digging out.

And some of the coastal roads are washed away. Many of the traffic lights are still out and they've got temporary stop signs installed at the intersections. Some of the restaurants are open - had great Italian Sunday night, awful Chinese last night - but many are not. We're trying to eat on the island as much as possible to support the local economy. I want to explore a little this afternoon and see if I can find a few shops open. His rentals are tagged for demolition and his restaurant was destroyed.

I can't even imagine that. So give thanks for family, friends, and the critters that give us so much joy. And say a prayer for those less fortunate and for our troops serving overseas. The goal was to collect donations of food and other supplies that could be distributed to participating rescue groups. Our volunteers helped with stuffing "goody bags" which included Terri's modification of our "Make Mine Chocolate! They also braved the wind and cold to collect donations for the chapter and transport them to Danielle's garage where they were stored.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the donations targeted cats and dogs but our chapter did receive several bags of Carefresh and Yesterday's News litter, some plain pellet food, towels, paper towels, white vinegar as well as some office supplies and miscellaneous other items.


These past three days are a clear reminder of just how important the Ohio vote is for the presidential race. I work just across the street from the arena, which gave me an excellent view of the long lines of people, many dressed in red, waiting patiently to cheer their candidate. I was excited to see the large number of families, many with children dressed in Halloween costumes.

Two guesses what they were doing after the rally! I had seen Kerry at Ohio State in and thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. We started in line on Long Street near Front and, over the course of about 90 minutes, snaked our way over to the State House. The party atmosphere made the time go quickly. After passing through security, a man came up and asked us if we wanted to sit behind the stage.

I didn't know what that meant but thought it sounded cool so we agreed. We ended up standing on the steps of the State House, 30 feet from where Michelle and Barack Obama stood. We had an amazing view of all the speakers, as well as the enormous crowd. Terri later told me that 60, people showed up. Sarah Palin was also here today, holding a rally at Rickenbacker.

Unfortunately, her rally conflicted with the Obama one and I wasn't able to attend. So, if you haven't already voted, be sure to do so. The candidates obviously think our votes are important. Not only was a good time had by all but Thanks to Heather Dean for providing the following description of her appearance on Fox Kudos to everyone involved! The crew was thrilled to have our sweet girls on the set, and were gracious enough to provide space to set up an X-pen complete with a litterbox and toys.

Terri Sullivan sat down with me for three minutes to talk about why rabbits make great pets, and what families should understand before bringing a rabbit into their home. I focused on the fact that rabbits should be spayed or neutered to help prevent health concerns and behavioral issues. I also talked about the life span of rabbits, and the time committment that is involved. Terri Sullivan was very impressed with the fact that rabbits will use a litterbox.

Of course Lacey and Brie stole the show, making sure the TV crew could see how much fun rabbits can be. Three minutes goes by fast and I could talk about rabbits as pets all day long! We are planning to put together a slideshow for last weekend's picnic. In the meantime, I pulled out a few pictures that I particularly liked. To me, each picture demonstrates the range of talents our volunteers possess. Karalee's reaction to Terri's congratulatory remarks. Karalee also received a book that commemorated her many accomplishments.

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One view of the CHRS timeline. Even those of us who helped to create it were surprised by its size. We've been very busy these past years! One of Eileen Vorst's stations. Four stations were created for each of the major volunteer activities CHRS supports. One of many raffle prizes, this one was created by Judy.

Key Points

The names of some of the rabbits who found forever homes through CHRS are stitched around our logo. I was the lucky winner! I hope that everyone survived the thunderstorm this evening. I had to work late, which meant that I observed the storm from the fourth floor overlooking Nationwide Boulevard.

The trees that line the street were bent over almost to the point of breaking. The winds first came from the west, then switched to the east.

The Secrets Behind Disney's $ Billion Theme Park Profits

During the worst of it, the rain was actually traveling upward and the building's roof began to leak. In a panic, I rushed home as soon as I could and found that all was well, with the exception of a line down in my back yard. I think it's my neighbor's cable but only time will tell. The rabbits and birds were fine, although questioning, no doubt, my panicked state. My apologies for the digression. Our very own Heather Dean will be on Fox 28 on Monday at for three minutes.

Be sure to tune in! Our very own Heather Dean will be on Fox 28 Friday morning at ! She will be talking about rabbit adoption. You may have noticed the link on the home page to our next event, Wessie Fest. This is our first appearance at Wessie Fest so we're not sure what to expect. But it looks like a fun family event, with an emphasis on nature. If you're looking for something to do on the 21st, think about attending!

The official theme of the party was a celebration of our chapter. To this end, a number of volunteers worked diligently over the past few months to create a wonderful timeline of photographs, newspaper articles, and other memorabilia that documented the history of our chapter. You may not be aware of this but our roots trace back to when our favorite dynamic duo, Karalee and Chuck, began their education and rescue efforts.

Since then, rabbits have found new homes and our chapter has grown to more than members. The timeline provided a wonderful walk down memory lane and we can all take pride in the enormity of the work that has been accomplished, including the Capital Area Humane Society socialization program and our international campaign, Make Mine Chocolate!